Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Inch or a Yard?

- Twi proverb

You cannot get to the end from the middle. You won't find the beginning at the end. No matter what we are doing, there is a process. Whether the situation is positive or negative, we must go through the process. When we rush ahead we miss important steps. If we become impatient, we can overlook details. We must be willing to move step by step, inch by inch to get to the end. There is no way to rush the process. When we are excited, we want to see how a situation will end. When the situation is unpleasant, we want it to end quickly. Whether anxiety or fear, the anticipation of benefits or pain, no matter what we do, we must be willing to do it one step at a time.

An inch is a cinch, a yard is hard.

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Kellye aka Miss 3 H said...

Thanks for that oh-so-true post!

I am in the midst of a major diet, so....yes, I needed that!

Found you on CWO, great blog! I'll be back and I linked to you on my blogroll.