Wednesday, October 22, 2008

People Are the Light

Let there be everywhere our voices, our eyes, our thoughts, our love, our actions,
breathing hope and victory.
- Sonia Sanchez

In the twenty-first century the power is with people through the Grace of God. The people are the force that will make or break the world as we know it. The people are the only voice that will matter. The people have the power to create the world they want to see. The power is in our thoughts, our words, our actions toward one another. Who are the people? Not the priests, not the heads of state, not the presidents. The people are those who can surrender their ego, embrace themselves as they are and do what they have been sent to do. The people are those who know they are not in charge; rather, they give praise to the Creative Source of Life. The people are those who control their breath, know their bodies and use both to teach others how to do it. The people are the children. The people are the women. The people are our elders. The people are the men who love, nurture and protect the childen, women and the elders. The people are the light. The Light is provided by God.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can You Live Day to Day?

" I wish I knew how customs got started, it would make it easier to stamp them out."
- Martin Lane

Right now, in the midst of a so-called recession, many people are still able to, and do, demonstrate wealth and abundance although it is harder as each minute passes and worries rise. These individuals have overcome the dominant thoughts and beliefs of the mass consciousness that money is in short supply. Are they fooling themselves? Unfortunately, many people still believe they can't live day to day; they won't make it through the week; they can't make ends meet; they don't know what to do to get some of the shrinking money supply. Many people who believe this way are people of diversity. People who have been duped into believing we will never be self-supporting, self-sufficient, capable of standing on our own. We are dependent on the system to get better, give us a break, take care of us. Many of us still believe the system can and will provide economic healing we need - Until today! Now hear this, God does not have a money problem! Everything God made is self-sufficient, including you and me. If you want to know what to do about money, ask God ... and remember, thank God for providing your every need. We must do what we need to do BUT keep God in it.