Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Power In Difference

One love, One heart. Let's get together and feel alright.
- Bob Marley

True power, our power, is in our diversity and difference. It is not in the illusive power we chase in money and things. It is not in what we call unity. We are already unified through breath. Do we want to deny our unity because we look different, act different and we believe we want different things? The elm, oak and pine live together to create the mighty forests. The shark, dolphin and whales live together to create the wealth of the oceans. The blue jay, hawk and robin sing together to create the melody of the sky. The lion, elephant and jaguar live together in the wonderment of the wild. They all want the same things: food, protection for their young and the opportunity to move freely. The animals do not blame or judge. They live without anger or fear. Are the animals just stupid? Or have we become too smart?

Today, will you honor and respect the power in difference?

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Pilgrim said...

A beautiful thought beautifully expressed...

Blessings- always...