Monday, April 30, 2007

Pull Someone Else Along

No man is free until all men are free. No woman is healed until all women are healed. I believe these are more than profound statements worthy of thought. They are the clues to the moral responsibility we all have for one another. Many of us hold on to our pain, afraid to reveal it. Ashamed to admit it. Others hold on to healing information because we believe it is ours to own. We may fight for the freedom of the disenfranchised, but forget about those who have been cast aside by ridicule because their lives don't mirror what we feel appropriate or forget women and children who are oppressed. We owe it to ourselves and everyone else to see that all people live painless and free. It is our duty to share what we know if it has helped us to move beyond some darkness in life. We can talk it out or write it out, but we must get it out to those in need. We can support someone and encourage someone else to take healing steps or paths or ways. We should think about where we would be if there were no books or people to guide us when we need it. Then, with an open heart and extended hand, we can pull someone else along.

Remember we are valuable tools in someone's healing process. As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal comebody else.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It Begins with Me!

The bell rings loudest in your own home.
~ Yoruba proverb

As you look around the community, society, the world, you probably see many things you would like to change. Recent changes in my life have raised my conscienousness to a higher level and created a deeper desire to make a difference in the lives of others. My path is growing stronger toward a commitment for change.

Injustice, inequality, hatred and poverty probably disturb you. They do me. We may be angered by the lack of respect and insensitivity to people and their needs creating an impetus for us want to speak out and take action -- to strike out and make changes happen, but what comes to mind is that God works from the inside out. I believe we must first look within ourselves to eliminate the fear, the anger, the imbalance in our lives. Then and only then can we move forward to create peacefully and powerfully the changes needed in the world.

The world I want begins with ME.
The world you want begins with YOU!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Just a short musing for today -

When you are employed by God, Inc., you never worry about unemployment.

When we work to obtain greater awareness, knowledge and understanding of ourselves, we are working for God. God's goal is for us to be the best we can be with what we've been given and to share what we do with the world. When we do the things that make us happy to the best of our ability, we are working for God, Inc. Perhaps a reason we have come to life in a physical body is to work for and serve the true self within us (just a thought). That is the part of us that is all-wise, all-knowing, all-loving and infinitely creative. When we do what we love, we are happy. When we do what we are good at, we are at peace. When we use what God has given us to create our own works, our rewards do not come from man. Every living person has a desire to do or be something. When we follow that desire, using our gifts, talents and abilities, we can never be out of work!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What Do YOU Think?

Stress began the day you learned your were expected to please other people. Parents wanted you to stay clean and quiet. Neighbors wanted you to be respectful and helpful. Teachers wanted you to be attentive and alert. Friends wanted you to share and hang out. Whenever you failed to do exactly what someone expected of you, you weren't good, or good enough. You were bad, weak or dumb. Unfortunately, we began to believe it. Giving in to the demands, day by day, we lost a little of ourselves and our understanding of the truth. The truth is that we are just fine, just the way we are! Perfect in our imperfection! Growing brighter and more brilliant each day, we can accept the truth of who we are. The next time we want to know who we are, what we are or if something is the right thing to do, let's not ask our neighbors - but look inward - and pay attention to the response!

Don't be afraid to look at your faults.
- Yoruba proverb

Even though we know there is always room for improvement, we tend to shy away from criticism. Our egos tell us we are being attacked and quite naturally we may want to strike back. In order to be whole, healthy beings, we need to know all there is to know about ourselves. Sometimes the information must come from others. This may mean admitting that we are not always right, and knowing it is okay to make a mistake. A mistake, an error, a poor choice, or bad decision does not equal "there is something wrong with me." It means we are on our way to being better. We do not make mistakes on the basis of race or color. We make them because we are human. When we acknowledge our errors and face up to our shortcomings, no one can use them against us. Let's NOT be afraid to admit when we are wrong.