Monday, March 17, 2008


Are you living your truth?

Is it based on your belief, in the deepest part of your heart? Is it that thing you want to be, to do and have about which you rarely speak to anyone? Is it that sacred place in your spirit that lets you know no matter what that you are really okay?

Are you living your truth?

Are you doing what brings you peace and joy? Are you smiling to yourself in the face of adversity, believing you are a divine creation of a loving Father and Mother? Are you beautiful and strong? Powerful and humble? Understanding and merciful? Intelligent and faithful? Protected and prayerful? Is your truth plainly clear and simplistic? Does it bring you the understanding that all is well without when all is well within? Are you living your truth all day, every day, when others tell you it is impossible, impractical, irrelevant and dumb? Is the truth of your being as expression of God? If not, are you really living?

Can you surrender to your truth and live in its being?

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