Friday, March 7, 2008

The Sea of Life

"I am the one whose mouth is pure and whose hands are clean."
- The Book of Coming Forth by Day, translated by Dr. Maulana Karenga

As we pass through the sea of life, we meet many types of fish. Mud fish sling dirt in order to keep themselves clean. Guppies have big mouths that are always moving, but guppies are always being eaten up by bigger fish. Barracudas knock you out of the way, get in the way and never go away. Eels slither around on their bellies, eating what others leave behind. They do nothing for themselves, so they want what you have. Crabs move from side to side. Today they are on your side, the next day the are not. Flounder have both eyes on one side of their heads. They can only see things one way. Crayfish move backwards. Sea horses eat their own. Whales blow air out of the top of their heads. Sharks attack all other fish. Angel fish float around with no idea of what is going on. Then there are the salmon. They always swim upstream; and no matter how far they swim, they never forget how to come home.

Do you know who you are in the sea of life?


Kaatje said...

Probably a sea turtle, forging ahead, getting old, and pulling into the shell as needed. :-D


Valerie said...

This is my first visit and I will be back. Thanks for sharing.

Joanie said...

i'd be a puffer fish - calm & serene most of the time, until I'm threatened, then my prickers come out :)