Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Truth Is More Than A Mental Exercise

The human mind is always searching for truth. The mind guides us through books. It interprets our experiences. It limits us based on our exposure. The mind searches to find truth, not realizing that truth was never lost. Unfortunately, truth cannot reveal itself in a mind that is busy with personal chatter. That chatter refers to what we think we need or want and what we say.

Unlike truth, our mental chatter may have nothing to do with what is real. The only way to find truth is to go deep within the self and to live from that consciousness and understanding. The truth is the reality of who we are from the inside out, and that is something we rarely think about.

Truth is the joy of living, of being, of having a connection to everyone and everything, without thought of malice or condemnation on any part of us. Truth is the spirit of life.

Affirmation: I will live in the light of truth.

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