Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An Idea - How About Love?

The finger of God never points where the hand of God isn't somehow making a way.
- Rev. Alvin Kibble

Giving and receiving are one in truth ... an act of love ... sometimes difficult to do.

In my thouhgts I came to ponder that perhaps there is only one mind.
The mind of the Creator. Each living being is an idea in Divine Mind. We are not separate, as it seems. We are linked through the mighty power of breath. Since we are one, we cannot give anything away, we can only give to ourselves. Whatever we give, whatever we do, we are giving and doing to an expression of the one Mind. If we give good, we will receive good. If we do harm, we will feel its effects. If we understand the concept of Divine Mind, we know there is no such thing as stealing from anyone. We can only take away from ourselves. Whatever the guilt, shame or fear cause the pain, we will take away from ourselves that which we believe we are taking from another. When we give, we receive. When we receive it is a reflection of what we gave up. Since we are all one in Divine Mind, we should make a commitment to always give the best.

There is nothing we need that we do not already have.
There is nothing we need to know that we do not already know. There is nothing we want that does not already exist. There is nothing that exists that is too good for us. There is nothing anyone has that we cannot have. There is nothing more powerful, more intelligent, more sacred than you or me. We are the stuff life is made of. We are the essence of life. We have been chosen at this time, in this place to be among the living. We come from a long line of successful living beings. We are one of the King's kids ... born into the world to inherit the kingdom. We are equipped to handle anything. We live by grace, built by love. We are the cause and the reason of everything we see. We are one with the Source if we let ourselves be. We are creative. We are alive. We have been given a most precious gift of life by virtue of our being loved. What else could possibly matter?

Our crown has been bought and paid for. All we must do is put it on our heads.

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