Monday, October 4, 2010

Value of the Valley

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living.
- Alvin Ailey

Life is not hopping from one mountaintop to another because there is a valley in between. At times, the valley is a job you hate but need to feed the family. The valley might be a failing or toxic relationship. The valley could be a child who goes astray or a friend who betrays you. The valley could be an illness or the death of a loved one. The valley is dark, bleak, ugly and frightening. But there is value in the valley. When you are in the valley, you begin to muster strength and power buried deep within you. In the valley you begin to think, pray and tap into your incredible self. The valley gives you a time to rest, to heal, to rejuvenate your being. It is an opportunity to look up, to see and remember those powerful mountain climbers who made it before you: your grandmother, your hero, even yourself. You have been in the valley before. Remember what you did, how you got up and out. Let the thoughts and memories of that success be the rope you use to pull yourself up. Take the time to learn the value in the valley.

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of hopes and fears said...

this reminds me of a book i read. it is entitled something like 'peaks and valleys.'thanks for sharing.this is a timely reminder that Jesus himself experienced the valley of tears and fears. yet, the temptation and crucifixion happened on the peaks of hill and mountain - suggesting that such episodes point us to the summit of our 'capax infiniti'.

the old rugged cross stood on top of a hill up up the hymnal says.