Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Father's Possible Reflection

"Cycle of Life"

My reflections on a meeting with a father and his possible feelings
surrounding his daughter.

As I gaze upon your face, touch your hair and smell its sweet fragrance, look at your closed eyes and remember you calling me papa I am feeling your love for me. I am struck by how much life has in store for you. There are lessons that you must learn on your own and there are lessons that I hope I can teach you, to give you a firm foundation for whatever the years will bring. I ask myself, what can I tell you about life, what things are important to know, what little bit of truth can I pass on? What can I write that will have meaning, if not now, then in the years to come?

Life is more interesting and richest when it includes people who are not exactly like you. Everyone is different; everyone has their own beliefs and values. Not everyone will accept this -- ever. Be one of the ones who do. Understand that life is unfair, you can't change that. The idea of riding a pony may be a lot more fun than the ride itself. You don't always get to know why life takes the turns it does. Things happen and there's nothing you can do about some of it except persevere. Life does go gloriously onward.

It's important to mark the occasion, good or bad. Anniversaries, with their associated ceremonies and remembrances, are part of honoring the human experience. Things happen for no reason. When you feel yourself getting upset/angry/frustrated, ask yourself, "How much will this really matter to me in a day? A week? A month?" Asking helps you gain perspective. Screaming will not get you there any faster. I know this for a fact. Socks need not match to keep little toes warm. Spilled milk can be wiped up. Books were not meant to be chewed on. Entertaining ourselves takes many forms which I hope to be a part of for now and always.

There’s no shame in admitting that you need help. Don't be afraid to ask for it and don’t 'be afraid to help someone who needs it. A lot of bad things happen in the world because people are afraid to get involved. Care about others and give them a hand when they need it. Sometimes all they need is a chance to help themselves and you can be the one enables that!

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Sistergirl said...

I agree. For some reason believers are fearful even though Fear is not of God. We need to stand on God's word and have courage.