Saturday, May 15, 2010


If rain doesn't fall, corn does not grow.
- Yoruba proverb

Every farmer knows a good hard rain is needed to make a healthy crop. It will strengthen the roots, fasten the stalks and produce a healthy yield. A responsible farmer prepares for rain. He prepares the field by clearing away all remnants of past crops. He irrigates the field so the rain water can run off. He carefully guards his crop to keep away the birds and insects. Through it all, he has faith in his ability as a farmer knowing he is doing all he can. Our lives are much like a field of corn, our challenges are the rain. We don't mind planting the seeds, working the field or planning for the harvest, but we have a tendency to complain about the rain. If we focus our mind on the goals, we are putting on our raincoat and boots. If we cleanse ourselves of negative thoughts, we are covered by an umbrella of strength. If we keep faith in ourselves regardless of what others say, we have all we need to weather the storm.
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The harvest I reap is measurd by the attitudes I cultivate.

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of hopes and fears said...

Wow! this is what i call 'spirituality in the garden.' of course, the corn farmers are savvy reflecting on their life that revolves around the big garden of creation and co-creation. the equation of harvest and attitudes affirms our corporate motto -- 'our attitude almost always determine our altitude in life." thanks a lot, dianne