Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Power and Plans

"Power concedes nothing without a demand."
- Frederick Douglass

Have you noticed how long hard times seem to last? And don't rainy days seem to go on forever? Do life's difficulties appear to multiply rapidly? When hard times, difficulties or rainy days appear, do you give them all your attention? If you are like most of us, you probably do. And like most of us, you give difficulty power. Nothing is ever as it seems. What looks bad today, can be a blessing tomorrow. Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be returned. Willingness to grow is a demand for power.

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Plan. Do you have a plan? What is your plan? Have you failed to plan? Can you carry out the plan? If you do not have a plan, what do you plan to do? Life is much too precious to waste time on wonder or worry. You can predict your life's alternatives now, if you take time to plan. Plan your moments to be joyous. Plan your hours to be productive. Plan your days to be filled with peace. Plan your weeks to be educational. Plan your months to be filled with love. Plan your years to be purposeful. Plan your life to be an experience of growth. Plan to change. Plan to grow. Plan to spend quiet moments doing absolutely nothing. Planning is the only way to keep yourself on track. And when you know where you are going, a path will be cleared for you. Plan to be all you can.

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Kellye aka Miss 3 H said...

I love this post. =) I have been worrying and wondering a LOT since my hubby is off to Iraq for a year for his second tour soon. This is great advice about planning. As they say, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.