Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Path to Knowledge

Most people think they know the answer. I am willing to admit I don't even know the question

- A. Hall

* * * * * *

Life is a series of mysteries we must each unravel at our own pace. Our task is not to solve the mysteries but to use them along our way. No one can tell us what is good for us just because it worked for them. If we allow someone to give us our answers we create conflict deep within. Sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure out what to do. If the confusion is on the inside, the answer is there, too! No human being has all the answers. If they did they would not be here. One of the greatest mysteries we must unravel is our purpose, because that makes us clear. Let us take more time to listen to our hearts, filtering through the offerings that come in. Let us not be so willing to say "I know" when we have no idea where to begin. Let us know deep down that God loves us and use that knowledge along the way. Let us approach the great mystery of the meaning of life with a little bit less to say.


Anonymous said...

'The longest journey begins with a single step'! And so, in life, whether we take the 'road less traveled' or the highway we must think about our actions, and pray for direction, and have faith in our choices, understanding that mistakes are made every day and we all have the ability to change them.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,
The truth is I always reading your blogs...I just don't have a chance to give my comment as I'm not in your group. Hope you forgive me! Thank you and I love all your blogs it touch my heart so much! Continue blogging ok. Again...thank you and keep up the good work! May our Almighty God will protect and guide you always!!! God Bless! :-)