Sunday, August 19, 2007

Give and Receive

In this world it is not what we take up but what we give up that makes us right.
- Henry Beecher

There is a very simple principle that people cannot seem to get the hang of - as you give, so you receive. People find it difficfult to believe that it is necessary to give first and give righteously. If you only give to get, you will not receive. If you give out of fear, you will not receive. Many people do not believe they have enough to give. That is because they may be thinking in terms of money only. If you do not have money, give your time, talent and energy. Give a smile. Give a prayer. Give anonymously without expectation of reconition. The spirit in which you give determines the manner in which you receive. If you give freely, joyously and willingly, you will receive abundantly. As you give what you have, what you are not using, you make room to receive something else in its place. Give of yourself, your knowledge and the information you have received, then prepare yourself for an outpouring of blessings. And by the way, do not expect it to come back to you from the person you gave it to.

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CactusFreek said...

It seems to be part of the times, where people have a mentality of waiting to recieve before giving.
While reading your words, something dawned on me. When God says that whatever we give, we will recieve back tenfold [Or something like that, without looking it up] He needn't be talking about money, but perhaps whatever we are giving, in the form that we are giving it. And perhaps he also means that, the more we give freely, and are grateful for what we have, the more it seems we have, or recieve?
Does that make sense?
It sounds good in my head lol