Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Is God? ... Look At Me!

If I want to know who God is, I look at me

One good way to know if something is working is to actually see it work. No matter what your philosophy, regardless how much you believe it, if it does not produce, it is worthless. I believe God is the same way. We can talk about Him, sing about Him, pray to Him, for Him and about Him, but if His glory is not produced in our lives, what are we really saying? The only way for God to be seen is through our lives. Our lives must reflect all the things we say God is. We are His hands, feet, eyes and voice. Our lives reflect who and what God is. Are we living a happy life? Are we thinking practical thoughts? The only way for God to demonstrate who He is, is for us to do it for Him. We must demonstrate what we know about God in the way we think, talk, walk and live. God is peace. God is strength. God is mercy. God is forgiving. God is all knowing, all powerful, abundant, radiant life. God is love. To know God is to be like Him. All else is a figment of our imagination.


CactusFreek said...

Awesome post!
We really need to be aware of how we are reflecting God in every aspect of our lives.

Eulalia said...

Good words.