Wednesday, March 7, 2007


When you have a deep burning desire to to a thing, do it! "De" meaning "of," "sire" meaning Father, is the very thing God wants for you. The urging is from the soul and is the only fuel you need. It is a blessing. It lets you know that you have been chosen for a special task. The Creator knows you can and wants you to do or have whatever it is. It cannot be too difficult! It is not beyond your reach! It is connected to your soul! That's where all the power is! Trust those urgings. They are the best friends you could have. Learn to move beyond what appears to be the essence of what you are. Is it a good thing? Will you and others benefit? If so, go fot it! Don't let others talk you out of your desire. It is not for them to see or know. They cannot feel it the way you do, don't expect them to. Nurture your desire in thought, word and deed; never doubt it will become your reality. If you do your part, the Father will do His part and guide you to the well-spring of your desire come true.

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Sharon said...

I enjoyed your post. Did you write it or are you using a source? I love the cross, I had heard the sayings on it but never the cross.