Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It Begins With Me!


The bell rings loudest in your own home.
~ Yoruba proverb

As you look around the community, society, the world, you probably see many things you would like to change. Recent changes in my life have raised my conscienousness to a higher level and created a deeper desire to make a difference in the lives of others. My path is growing stronger toward a commitment for change.
Injustice, inequality, hatred and poverty probably disturb you. They do me. We may be angered by the lack of respect and insensitivity to people and their needs creating an impetus for us want to speak out and take action -- to strike out and make changes happen, but what comes to mind is that God works from the inside out. I believe we must first look within ourselves to eliminate the fear, the anger, the imbalance in our lives. Then and only then can we move forward to create peacefully and powerfully the changes needed in the world.

The world I want begins with ME.
The world you want begins with YOU!