Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pull Someone Else Along

No man is free until all men are free.   No woman is healed until all women are healed.   I believe these are more than profound statements worthy of thought.   They are the clues of the moral respnsibility we all have to one another.   Many of us hold on to our pain, afraid to reveal it.   Ashamed to admit it.   Others hold on to healing information because we believe it is ours to own.   We  may fight for freedom of the disenfranchised, but forget about those who have been cast aside by ridicule because their lives don't mirror what we feel appropriate or forget women and children who are oppressed.   We owe it to ourselves and everyone else to see that all people live painless and free.   It is our duty to share what we know if it has helped us to move beyond some darkness in life.   We can talk it out or write it out, but we must get it out to those in need.   We can support someone and encourage someone else to take healing steps or paths or ways.   We should think about where we would be if there were no books or people to guide us when we need it.   Then, with an open heart and extended hand, we can pull someone else along.
Remember we are valuable tools in someone's healing process.   As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.