Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Experience is a good teacher but she runs up big bills
- Minna Antrim

If life is about learning and growing, whey do we think our relationships are beyond life's classroom?   Every relationship - family, friendship, love and marriage - is about growth and development.   There are certain skills we need.   Certain strengths we must develop.   Certain lessons we must learn.   Our relationships provide perfect framework for us.   We come together to share, learn and grow.   Once we have acquired the skill, imparted the information or leason learned, it is time for something else.  It is time to move on.   That may feel like, "You don't love me anymore."  

What it actually says is, "You don't have anything else to give me."   Or we could move beyond the emotion of it and look for growth, ending a relationship, moving out of a family or friendship would be a great deal less painful.   We want to learn how to be grateful for everything we get in our relaionships.   Somewhere beyond the grief, fear, pain and disappointment is a mighty lesson just waiting to be learned.   Every encounter is an experience of growth.