Monday, October 10, 2011


Nobody knows the mysteries which lie at the bottom of the ocean. 
- Yoruba Proverb

* * * * * * * *

Your body is 50 to 75 percent water.   Like the ocean, you are a mystery of buried treasures.   The deeper you are willing to go, the greater are the treasures you will find.   Your mind is the only equipment you need.   The sharper your mind, the greater the depths that will be revealed to you.   Never allow anyone or anything to limit your mind since your mind feeds your emotions.   The emotions of your heart will keep your dreams afloat.   If you can feel it, the world must reveal it.   When you take time to breathe consciously, stilling the motion of the mind, you can take a plunge into the deepest resources of your soul.   Take a plunge within yourself to find the joy, strength, peace, freedom and love you may be seeking in the shores of life. 

Look within the ocean of yourself to find the treasure of life.