Sunday, September 24, 2017

All Roads Lead to the End

Help your friends with the things they know, for you know these things by Grace.
- The Maximx of Ptahhotpe

At a time when unity is so desperately needed it is significantly lacking.   Misunderstandings about basic philosophical differences place people on opposite poles.   Competition for perceived limited resources separate people along racial, social and gender lines.   The need to be right and feel supported separates us from those who hold different views and opinions.   Our internal obstacles and external oppositions create a debilitating conflict and limits the coming together of the people of the world.   If each of us would take the time to examine our feelings, we would see that "they" are right, too.   The nature, experiences and perceptions of individuals help mold the ideals they hold.   If we could remember and respect this right for everyone, we could avoid open confrontations.   There are so many causes and issues in the world and so many ways to approach them, it is unlikely we will all agree on one way.   Unity does not mean we will all believe in or do the same things.   It means we will agree to do something without battling over how and why.

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