Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tests ... How Well Do We Take Them?

Tests. We've faced them since our years in school and maybe that is what is more easily remembered for most of us. As I think back, some of my schoolday tests I passed with ease and some I didn't. Perhaps the reason for not passing these particular tests had to do with not applying myself. Most were not of a pass or fail nature. Tests were to reason what we've learned and hopefully apply it. Life is the same but not in the easy and comfortable environment of a classroom.

The tests of life are not something to take and cast aside as we are promoted from one grade to another. Life tests us in all we do because in all we do there is a purpose. When was the last time you were faced with a life test? Did you pass or fail? My grandson has a T-shirt on which the following words are written, "Failure is NOT an option." I look at these few words with a different perspective from what the shirt was probably designed to mean.

Getting through life even on the best of days includes facing some sort of a test ... whether it be on the job, in our personal lives, with finances, with our faith, with ourselves. Sometimes we are are own worst enemies and without realizing it continue to come face-to-face with our tests but don't take them seriously and ultimately fail. Should there be blame? Should we just forget about them? I think not.

Our tests in life, for me at least, are the measure of how we accept the hand that we are dealt. Facing them and dealing with them is the key. We may not pass them each and every time, but if we avoid them altogether we have failed. As we mature, the knowledge of facing and taking the tests of this life become part of the innermost being that we are. So my topic of this post still stands .... "How well do you take the tests of life?"

I believe in spiritual intuition and embrace this intuition as the spiritual faculty that does not explain, it simply points the way. You cannot fix what you will not face.

Friday, September 13, 2013


“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious
but still a faithful interpreter - in the eye.”
(Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre)
God is the source of life - shouldn't we be able to find the essence of that source in our lives?  Yet when we examine our lives, in what part do we find God? What part is the "I"? God is love, peace, abundance, power, strength, mercy, truth, balance and joy. For many of us, life is lack, limitation, strife, stress, chaos, confusion, oppression and hate. Your race, my race; their goals, our goals; your religion, my religion have replaced the sense of oneness known as God.  Did God create this mess?  No, "I" did.  The small part of "I" that wants control and the power. The "I" that is fear, arrogance, anger and pride. The "I" that holds on to pain because "I don't know what to do." The "I" that wants it my way because "I" can take care of myself."   The "I" that can't figure out which part of God is and which part "I" am because "I" have forgotten that all God is I Am. If only "I" would let God do His part, [I believe] we would be fine.  How can we serve God today?