Thursday, January 26, 2012


No one can judge you unless you let them.  ~ Swami Nada Yolanda

Don't "should" on other people and don't let them "should" on you.   Should is a judgment we make based on our experiences and perceptions.   When we pass that on to other people, we are judging them.   Should is an expression of fear.   It says that our way is the right way; if you move beyond that, you might prove I am wrong.   Should is the way we control others, to make them think or behave the way we want them to.   Should takes us on a guilt trip and limits our capacity to grow.   If we only do the things we should do we will never learn another way we could do it.   Should limits us to what is comfortable.   Should keeps us in a place that is familiar.   Should makes us responsible to someone other than ourselves when we know that is not the way we "should" live.  I "should" do only those things that feel right for me.

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J'blanc said...

very true. thank you for sharing.